In addition to the data communication services, Tele-entre develops data communication solutions, like the Personal Access Node (PeAN).
The challenges of telecommunications are growing rapidly in terms of total traffic. Correspondingly, the connection of devices to the telecommunication networks will, as a rule, become wireless. There will be new demands in this communication, influence of the IOT and consumers live stream transmission between each other’s. Less faults, uninterrupted ness, security, ie reliability requirements multiply huge. Requirements for low energy consumption are increasing. The upcoming 5G basic functionality does not fully meet future needs.
We will also develop a significant PeAN / IAN concept to complement 5G technology to help secure the wireless network’s future reliability.
In development and its funding, we are moving to the next stage.
If you are interested in a major business in the 5G network, please use a contact form and write “interested in participate PEAN / IAN business”.